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Demi BagbyDemi Bagby
/4 Week Gym Program

W1/D1 Upper Body Beginner

4.8|45 min|41 comments
- Pushups 2 x 12 - Diamond pushups 2 x 8 - Pull-up 3 x 4... more


Alitzel 1mo ago
There should be alternatives for exercises not everyone may be able to do For example push ups and pull ups
Alyssa 1mo ago
It was very challenging for me I can not do a pull up right now or very good pull ups but we will work on it 😊
Darryl 3mo ago
Great workout and a good duration really helps me do it I don’t have loads of time Thanks Demi
johnny 4mo ago
Feeling the burn and watching those ounces melt off one day at a time!
Kaitlyn 6mo ago
Great starting workout! Pushed myself and my husband to the limit! Can’t wait for the next!

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