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Demi BagbyDemi Bagby
/4 Week Gym Program

W3/D2 Upper Body Beginner

5.0|45 min|4 comments
- Wide close diamond pushups 3x 10 - Wide medium close pull-ups 3 x 3 - Standing shoulder press 3 x 12,12,10... more


Megan 10mo ago
Those push ups killed me but in a good way! Have to substitute pull ups but loved it!
Katlyn 1y ago
Loved it but those pull ups are so not for beginners lol I can’t even do 1😂
Erin 1y ago
Push ups never get easier🥲
Celeste 2y ago
It was great! 💜 Excellent pump! ⚡ Wasn't sure on the counts, ie. Front to Lateral raise.. front, side ='s 1rep? All the way to 15? Checking.

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