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Demi BagbyDemi Bagby
/4 Week Gym Program

W1/D3 Legs and Abs Circuit Beginner

4.9|45 min|21 comments
- Shoulder taps 3 x 20 - Skier lunge jumps 3 x 20 - Lower body leg raises 3 x 10... more


Terri 2mo ago
Feeling the burn…awesome hiit routine that leaves you breathless!
Brittnee 2mo ago
So great I feel so good getting back into working out I love your program🙌
Kayhlia 3mo ago
Who would of thought jumping puffs you out so much! Great circuit, thanks
Lydia 7mo ago
Love your workouts. Thank you so much 🔥🔥🔥🥵 I am on fire!!!
Katelyn 8mo ago
Adjustment to the rollout alternative for individuals who are still building their beginner core! :)

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