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Week 1 Affirmation & Journal Prompt

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This is where You’ll find the positive affirmation and journal prompt for week one! Write the affirmation down in your own notes and look at it each morning to set your day up!


Meagan 9mo ago
New to the whole journaling and affirmation thing but it’s day 3 of it and I️ gotta say I’m not as bleh to start my day!
veronica 1y ago
Even though this was only the first step, this beginning approach is way different and more motivating to follow through with than other programs I’ve tried in the past!
Sydney 1y ago
I love it, made me happy!
Stephanie 1y ago
Tried all the diff online workouts, but this one seems the most intentional. Super excited to start and track my progress!
Megan 1y ago
So helpful to really appreciate all that you have and just a daily reminder:)

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