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Alice (Pineapplebrat) BozinovskiAlice (Pineapplebrat) Bozinovski
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W1/D6 Full body

4.7|45 min|21 comments
Warmups x 3 - Squats x 12 - Split stance rdl x 8 Superset x 4 - Barbell row x 10 - Incline Pushups x 10 Superset x 4 - Sumo rdl x 8 - Hamstring curl x 12 Circuit x 3 - DB Incline curl x 10 - Bench dips x 10 - Alt leg extensions x 15 - Machine crunch x 15


Jaclyn 1y ago
Sweating so bad!!
Jackie 1y ago
Put the weights !
Zahraa 2y ago
Thank you
Robin 2y ago
More detailed instructions
James 2y ago
Really solid full body workout. Fair play. Only comments would be A. More detail on the mechanics of the workouts i.e feet placement, “avoid lifting shoulders”, that kind of thing and B. Alternative workouts if you dont have access to the machines included.

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