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Alice (Pineapplebrat) KlompAlice (Pineapplebrat) Klomp
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W2/D4 Lower body (glute focused)

4.8|45 min|8 comments
Warmup x 4 - Bridges 10 reps - DB goblet squat 10 reps... more


Jessica 7mo ago
I can’t get the hang of the cable pull throughs so I’ve been substituting for hyperextensions. I knowww I should just try to work thru it but I get frustrated doing an exercise when I don’t feel mind-to-muscle connection. Also with the hip thrust/split squat set I use the smith machine. I like it cuz I can load heavy weights for hip thrusts and it’s easier to balance for the split squats!
Victor 1y ago
Great workout — I really like the video demonstrations. I’m not used to some of these exercises so it’s a helpful reference to make sure I’m doing it correctly.
Delanie 1y ago
Ashleigh 1y ago
Perfect workout to get back to the gym after another lockdown in NZ!
Ashley 1y ago
I enjoy the workouts and I add more reps and weight. I just think doing the same sets or circuits for four weeks will get boring.

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