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Alice (Pineapplebrat) BozinovskiAlice (Pineapplebrat) Bozinovski
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W2/D6 Full body

4.8|45 min|7 comments
Warmups x 3 - Squats x 12 - Split stance rdl x 8... more


Jessica 2y ago
I’m confused bc for the warmup circuit it says squats in the description. But then in the actual workout it says incline push-ups🧐 Been doing squats bc push-ups already come later and I can only do so many lol
Brittani 2y ago
My lil brain can never grasp RDLS
Alyssa 2y ago
so much pain. in a good way🤪
Melanie 2y ago
Holy cow! (to be age appropriate) I have not sweat this much with a workout in a long time!! It felt challenging yet so good to my body. My favorite workout yet!
Ashley 2y ago
I’m getting bored of doing the same workouts :/ and doing so many inclined push ups just feels boring. I feel great after the whole workout but I think by week four I will be tired of the gym program🥺 not in a mean way. It’s just my opinion😳

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