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Alex Silver-FaganAlex Silver-Fagan

30 min Kettlebell Strength

4.9|30 min|6 comments
Advanced This 30 minute workout uses two medium sized bells (I am using double 12kilo.) ... more


Eric 4mo ago
I actually got my kettlebell certification with Karen Smith of StrongFirst. This thoughtful training reminded me of her.
NANCY 1y ago
Amazing! I feel the strong and love your vibe! Keep the kettlebells coming :)
Elizabeth 1y ago
I’m sooooo sweaty but feel so so so good
Max 1y ago
Lifting weights is awesome. Great workout 👏🏼
Carrie 1y ago
Awesome workout. Would love modification suggestions if you don’t have 2 of the same kb’s. I live working out with you. Thank you!

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