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Alex Silver-FaganAlex Silver-Fagan

20 min Bodyweight Strength

4.8|20 min|7 comments
Advanced This workout kicks it up a notch with some advanced strength moves like pistol squats and get ups, along with cardio bursts to really spice things up.


Rachel 2mo ago
So good! Thanks for the variation for beginners like me, making it fun and motivating.
Raquel 1y ago
heyyy alex!! there’s some exercises that are a bit more complicated in the technique and it would be amazing if you could go slower when you start the exercise because sometimes i get lost. Thank you! <3
Marvin 1y ago
This workout reminded me to rethink the way I approach the work involved. It was not “hard” just a “challenge” that I accepted. All with the knowledge that I will make it through it to the end and with a trusted teacher. It was an honor to overcome a new challenge and to have a good time/laugh together at the end. Thank you!
Dominique 1y ago
Loved the single leg work. Team EXTRA chunky peanut butter.
Newshah 1y ago

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