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20 min Total Body Strength - AMRAPs

5.0|20 min|5 comments
Intermediate You’ll need a medium set of dumbbells and one optional heavy dumbbell. We’ll be doing two AMRAPs. The first is bilateral (using both dumbbells) the second is unilateral (using just one.)


Knot 1y ago
Karly 1y ago
Awesome! Love getting to do cleans and deadlifts in a workout. A great and dynamic workout!
Marvin 1y ago
Worked up a major sweat and it was so much fun. In recent routines, I felt challenged. This definitely had it’s toughness but I had so much freaking fun. Shorter breaks than in the past but I kept up. I impressed myself today. Also, I totally threw out “peace” signs with both my hands before you did. Had a good laugh at that. Thank you.
Cori 1y ago
This was fab! I needed a quick strength workout before cardio but now my legs are shaking lol thanks!
Tara 1y ago
Always amazing! Thank you!

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