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HANDS & WRISTS: Upside Down Anatomy/Alignment

4.9|15 min|7 comments
All about the hands and wrists! Upside Down Anatomy/Alignment plus cues and drills for strengthening and lengthening. Wether you practice and/or teach, start here and grow like crazy!


Tor 3y ago
I really love these hand and wrist engagement techniques. By the end of the 15 minutes I felt more of my hand pressing into the mat and am really starting to make the mental connection with pressing into the fingers and the base of the thumb! Thank you so much I am really enjoying this program so many dynamic engaging movements!
Anna 3y ago
I can’t believe this isn’t more commonly done! What an interesting take on appreciating the parts of our body that work so hard. Placing intention on the little muscles, joints and all the inner workings of our beautiful parts. Thanks! So excited to continue
Leslie 3y ago
Hurt so good!
Amanda 3y ago
The wrist exercises were completely new to me, and I can tell they are effective!
Theresa 4y ago
Great !!!!

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