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W1/D5 45 minute DB Full body workout

4.9|45 min|3 comments
45 minute full body workout with dumbbells.


Arjun 9mo ago
Awesome - good work out - got me feeling great for 2022!
Melissa 1y ago
Awesome workout! Burnt over 400 calories. I am knackered🙌🏻😂
Jeremy 1y ago
This one went by fast! Very enjoyable and a burner for sure. I was much more conscious of my lower back going into this one. I think I was arching my back too much last time when doing the bend-over rows. I didn’t feel any soreness in my lower back yesterday or today while doing this workout! 🙌 Not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I really appreciate how you show the routines from different perspectives in case we need a clearer visual. Also letting us know where we should be feeling a stretch or burn. That really helps! Again, awesome DJ mix. It’s great to have something familiar to get the blood pumping. I noticed towards the end you mentioned the stretch workout that is available to complete, but I’m not seeing it. I remember there being one last month but it had a “disappearing soon” banner over it and it did indeed disappear. I was able to complete it before that though! Unless I’m mistaken and I’m mixing that up with another one, it would be great to have that back on the app. Really thankful for how your workouts are keeping me moving and engaged with my body. Thanks so much, Chris!! Oh and fun fact: My cat stayed in the room while I did my workout and he seemed to enjoy it too haha. He is coincidentally named Simba (like your precious pup!) because he has a little mane like a lion. So adorable. 🦁 Have a great weekend! - Jeremy @jlipsin

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