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20 Minute DB Lower body workout

4.8|20 min|5 comments
20 minute workout focusing on the muscles in the lower body.


Jeremy 2mo ago
Chris is great as always! Really solid motivation, variety in exercises and entertaining throughout.
Arjun 8mo ago
Great workout I’m a fan of this one - great boost for the day !
Arjun 10mo ago
Excellent workout ! Starting these again they’re great !
Arjun 1y ago
Excellent quick workout to mix up a work from home day - feeling stronger on the core exercises!
Jeremy 1y ago
Hey Chris, I’m back at it again after a few crazy (and hot 🥵) weeks! Awesome workout yet again with lots of variety and great motivation. Appreciate the 20-minute options as well. I was also happy for the “cast2web” option which enabled me to display the session on my computer which was an even better experience! Thanks for the water reminders, ending stretches and refreshing humor throughout. Hope you’re doing great and staying cool! And thank you again for giving me this little burst of happiness and feeling of productivity during my week! - Jeremy (@jlipsin)

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