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W1/D4 55 minute Full Body DB Workout

4.8|55 min|2 comments
55 minute Full body DB Workout. Follow along as I take you through a DB workout focusing on all the muscles in your body, using some cardio exercises to help keep your heart rate up throughout.


Arjun 9mo ago
Whoa ! That was work - felt great ! Will do it again! Leg workout was intense - never had done a swimming plank liked it - like the music too ! Thanks !
Jeremy 1y ago
This one tired me out!! Great workout and routines! I think this was the first follow along I’ve done with dumbbells, so I really appreciated the clear instruction for these exercises. This app and your workouts are so enjoyable and rewarding, it really is like having a personal trainer! No buffering issues this time by the way! Might have just been a fluke that one time. Thank you so much for including stretches again. My only suggestion would be to maybe say “switch sides” during the stretching. I kept looking down to focus on the stretch (because I was super tired! Haha) and didn’t realize we had already started the other side. But that’s just a very nit-picky request 😅 Thank you again for all these uploads and the care you put into your work. I keep telling my friends about them! Have an awesome weekend, Chris! - Jeremy @jlipsin P.S. Oh, I also just thought of an idea for the app that I’m happy to send as general feedback too. I wonder if it’s possible to send a video through the messaging if we wanted to make sure we were doing a specific routine correctly? Could be helpful in case that’s needed! Thanks again. ✌️

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