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20 Minute DB Upper Body workout

4.9|20 min|4 comments


MusclePup 9d ago
Great workout to get the body moving! Helpful when in a workout rut to get back in the swing
Arjun 9mo ago
Solid workout - lots done in 20 mins !
Jeremy 1y ago
Hey Chris, I enjoyed doing this one again! Really appreciate the 20-minute workout option since I’m struggling to find time to work out now that I am back to working with the public. (Although luckily I’m on my feet most hours of the day at a tasting room/winery, so I’m not just lounging around haha). Today I felt like I could fit in the 20-minute routine before dinner 🙌 Awesome motivation/banter + music as always! Thanks for being a rad human being and a fantastic instructor! - Jeremy (@jlipsin)
Jeremy 1y ago
Hey Chris! I haven’t been able to complete one of your workouts for a week and a half since I started working in-person. Such a crazy feeling, but happy to be out there again. Your shorter upper body workout came at a perfect time! I wasn’t sure how I would be able to fit the longer ones in with my work schedule. Really enjoyed this one just as much as the others. Great DJ mix as always and your banter is awesome and NOT crap!! Haha I saw that Insta post 😂 Also thanks so much for adding the post-workout stretches back onto the app! Hope to be able to do more of your workouts on a weekly basis. Thank you! - Jeremy @jlipsin P.S. CONGRATULATIONS again on your special announcement!! So happy for you both!

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