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30 minute Lower Body workout Bodyweight

4.9|30 min|3 comments
30 minute bodyweight follow along workout focusing on the muscles in the lower body.


Arjun 9mo ago
This was great - nice tunes too
Naser 1y ago
Jeremy 2y ago
Alright, I am officially back in business! 😁 (Although getting my 2nd vaccine shot tomorrow so might take a little rest before starting again). Another fantastic workout from you! I’ll be honest, I did push off starting to work out again and slightly procrastinated, but those feelings of motivation quickly appeared again after starting this lower body workout! Really enjoyed this one. While the moves and actual routines are great as themselves, what really keeps me going is your constant motivation and joy throughout. Also your humour! Again, also really appreciate the modifications you provide. And the use of the water bottle was challenging and really fun! And it provides a great reminder to drink water and rest if needed. I will start posting more on Instagram and tagging @hattshealth soon! Thank you again SO MUCH for your awesome motivation, positivity and killer workouts that don’t make me feel less than. It really does make me feel better day-to-day. Also had a quick question, your responses from in-app messages go to my email. If I want to reply to your message, should I reply to that playbook email? Or send another message through the app? Thanks so much, Chris!! Hope you’re having a great week!

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