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W1/D3 45 minute Cardio & Core workout

4.8|45 min|5 comments
The main focus of this session is to burn calories and focus on strengthening the core muscles. Follow along with me, I’m with you the whole way. Let’s do this 💪🏼😃


Tom 7mo ago
Really good live workout for cardio and core. I’ll be doing that one regularly!
Arjun 9mo ago
Excellent - liked the reminders about breathing - it’s important! Like the continued focus on core in the program - I often forget about it- but shouldn’t - thanks !
Karina 1y ago
You’re the man!
Sally 1y ago
Great workout
Jeremy 1y ago
Another fantastic follow along workout, Chris! Wow, this one was a burner for sure. I still don’t know how you manage to verbally instruct us so well while simultaneously demonstrating the exercises! I’d be so ridiculously out of breath haha. Job well done 👏 Lots of variety in this one and also very much appreciated the preparation you offered for the upcoming exercises. Knowing what’s coming up is super helpful! I was also very happy to have stretches at the end of this one. Definitely needed for this burner. I’m 99% sure it was just my wifi (or perhaps the app itself at that moment), but there were a handful of times where the video stopped to buffer. Exiting and re-entering the app seemed to work for the video to resume playing. Just letting you know in case there was a small chance others had this happen to them. Love your enthusiasm and constant motivation throughout! 🙌 - Jeremy @jlipsin P.S. I can relate to waiting for a haircut under lockdown!! Haha I’ve had my mom give me several haircuts while in quarantine. The longer hair still looks great on you though! 👌 Glad you’re staying safe and thanks so much again for the awesome workout!

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