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W1/D1 45 minute DB Upper body Workout

4.8|45 min|2 comments
Follow along workout focusing on the muscles in the upper body, utilising cardio exercises to help keep the heart rate up in between.


Arjun 9mo ago
Excellent- need to work on my abs more !
Jeremy 1y ago
I feel like a broken record, but another fantastic follow along workout! I’m not used to working many of these muscles, and I found your instruction and tips really helpful and motivational throughout. Feels good to complete all of the follow alongs! If you asked me two months ago that I would have done this, I would have laughed in your face. Thank you so much, Chris, for all the inspiration!! I keep saying this with my feedbacks, but loved the music selection as always 🙌 I really look forward to these workouts from you and I can’t wait for more! I noticed that it felt like my lower back was taking most of the work for the back exercises. It felt like I was positioning myself and moving correctly so as not to place too much pressure in that area, but just wanted to check in and ask if that was normal for a beginner? After completing the workout, I still feel quite a bit in the lower back (don’t worry, nothing painful), so perhaps I need to try and utilize my core more? Any advice would help! On a different note, I saw your Instagram story today and wow, so many people outside!! I would be feeling uncomfortable too. I’m actually heading back to work next week so it will be interesting to see how that goes, especially working alongside others. I’m anxious but excited too! I’m glad you’re able to go to the gym again and hope the people around you are being safe towards others. Thank you again, Chris, and stay safe out there! ✌️ - Jeremy @jlipsin

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