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W2/D4 Intro to Vinyasa

5.0|31 min|13 comments
Let’s flow. This will be an intro to a more traditional yoga style: vinyasa. Don’t be intimidated, as we talk through every movement. Remember to stay open minded as we try new things! All you need is your mat. “Currently cr... more


Jacqueline 5mo ago
I did a killer lower body workout yesterday and was feeling it today and these stretches made me feel so good
Justice 6mo ago
Jo 7mo ago
Love that! I really enjoyed it, however not very flexible on the foot cradling!
Jessica 7mo ago
I say it every lesson, but this one was so good, definitely my favorite 😁
Gayle 8mo ago
Great class. The instruction was very helpful. Thank you for doing this series!!😊

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