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W1/D6 Barre so Hard

5.0|22 min|15 comments
Grab your bôl (or a pillow) and a chair! We’re doing barre today Queen, so be ready for the burn! “People say 'you probably always get what you want’ and my reply is yes I do, because if I want it then I'm going to work my a... more


Raquel 7mo ago
ouuuuu the burnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥
Jessica 7mo ago
Today was so close to a "skip" day and I'm glad I didn't! I feel energized and giddy to get on with my day 😁
Dilara 8mo ago
Perfect 😍
Morgan 8mo ago
My legs are shaking and my hips feel good. I'm really enjoying these workouts even the challenging ones.
Cristina 8mo ago
So so good! 🔥

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