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W2/D5 Feelin Myself

5.0|21 min|14 comments
Did someone say sensual? One of you requested this, and your wish is my command! 20 minutes of “feelin myself”. Enjoy the movement— don’t focus on what it looks like. Focus on how it FEELS. “This woman that I'm becoming give... more


Mandi_mis_fit_ 5mo ago
Amaziinnngggg. Sensual and some good warm up feels 💋✌🏼
Jessica 7mo ago
Today is my birthday and I did NOT want to slow down enough for working out today. However, I am SO glad every time I bring myself to the mat instead. This was exactly what I needed to kick off my day 😍
Sam 7mo ago
I really appreciate your reminders to not take it too seriously, it really does help especially when the movements are more Foreign!
Mandi_mis_fit_ 8mo ago
Great sexy sensual opening of joints and muscle groups 🙌
Natalie 8mo ago
Love the sensual classes so much!

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