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W2/D2 Lower body & Mobility

4.9|45 min|34 comments
Db alt lunge squat 3 x 10 Db sumo squat puses 3 x 15 In and out jumps squats 3 x 15 ... more


Aurora 2mo ago
Wall sits were a burner. 🔥
Natalia 3mo ago
I like it it’s a short workout
Chelsey 3mo ago
What I love about the circuits is that even if there’s one exercise I hate (Bulgarian squats I’m looking at you) there are also things that I love that keep me going. (Monster walk things that I can’t remember the name of. 😂) Love the programme it’s the most consistent I’ve been with something since lockdown and then I was only consistent because I did it with my whole family. 😂
Noelle 5mo ago
Great!! I struggle a lot with Bulgarian lunges and lunges on their own
Beth 5mo ago
Love it

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