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W1/D4 Lower body & Core

4.9|45 min|62 comments
Db Bulgarian lunges 3 x 12 Kneel to stand 3 x 8 each Db squat to calf raises 3 x 15... more


Aurora 23d ago
Surprise! After going through the whole “get started”program and then coming back to this workout, it feels… really easy. I’m definitely way stronger than I was 1 month ago. Last time I struggled to lift 5 lbs on the lateral raises. This time tense we’re super manageable.
Aurora 2mo ago
Great! Did this day on 4 hrs of sleep… so was struggle-bussing. Did bodyweight only for part 3. 🤘🏼
Jasmin 3mo ago
That was so hard but so good! 😂 Any tips to improve stability and create equal strength on both sides?
Erica 3mo ago
This workout was exceptionally challenging while still being super fun and motivating. Loved all the single leg movements!
Katie 3mo ago
My fucking quads are on 🔥

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