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W2/D3 Upper body & Mobility

5.0|45 min|22 comments
Db renegade row 3 x 12 each Db iso hammer curl 3 x 10 each Seated tucks 3 x 15... more


Aurora 1mo ago
Chelsey 3mo ago
Loved this. I like the mix between new and old exercises. My only issue is that in my lockdown GarGym (garden gym) I don’t have anything to do the body weight skull crushers as my bench slides if it has my whole body weight pushed on it like that. But because other types of skull crushers have been included I just subbed them in. Another great workout! Thanks for what you do. First time I’ve made week 3 of a workout plan. (I do other sport so I only do the programme 3x per week£
Ciar 4mo ago
Really feeling it my arms and upper back 🥳
Noelle 5mo ago
Struggled with form, but loved it!
Bob 5mo ago
The floor slide outs was the most difficult thing in the whole workout! How do you do that?!

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