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W1/D1 Upper Body & Core

4.8|55 min|187 comments
Db bicep curl to shoulder press 3 x 12-15 Push-ups 3 x 12 High plank to opposite toe tap 3 x 10 ... more


Vanessa 5d ago
Loved this workout! It was a good start to calisthenics.
Mariana 7d ago
I am a beginner and it was kinda difficult, but I love it
Sara 18d ago
Great mix for a start on this program! I had just the right amount of challenge.
Cheryll 23d ago
It was my first workout on the app and i found it difficult to figure out how to switch between exercises within a circuit during play mode. I clicked the area between the circuit number and infinite symbol and it would go in reverse but i did them that way this time. Otherwise i loved the workout!
Trevan 1mo ago
That was surprising, very tired at the end.

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