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Yoga for strength

5.0|30 min|7 comments
This is one of my signature style classes which blends yoga postures & flow with strengthening drills for the whole body. You will work of lengthening and increasing flexibility and awareness as well as boosting your metaboli... more


Rocío • 1mo ago
Oh my goodness, I could feel the heat 🔥 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I really really had to focus in my drishti and ujjayi (not sure of this breath one's right lol) breath. Thanks, I needed the energy ⚡ 💪🏼 🤗
Eugenia • 3mo ago
It was great!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!! Please, do more classes like this. It's fun as well as effective. Thanks!
Silvia • 3mo ago
Beautiful class 😊 can you do more videos that are like this one, more dinamic and whole body workout
Dubravka • 4mo ago
Love it!💖
Milena • 4mo ago
I love it! Thank you so much

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