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W1/D3 Fullbody + HIIT

4.8|45 min|96 comments
Warmup Toe taps Bear crawl... more


Soontara 1mo ago
It was great but difficult to track (I don’t like any extra work beside the exercise) when the instructions were 10 mins each round for the he Armwraps. I’d prefer to have the timer to let me know when to start and to stop (like the normal function.
David 4mo ago
Tried to cycle through for 45mn. Ended up doing 30mn. Sweat, sweat and more sweat 🐯
Howard 6mo ago
Wiped out…
Taryn 7mo ago
Great! Only thing that would have been helpful would be to define “HIIT” workouts
Iana 8mo ago
I’m sweaaatinggg 🥵🥵

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