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How To Set An Intention

4.8|7 min|15 comments
Absolute Beginner level class. This is will teach you HOW and WHY we set an intention for our practice.


Ellie 9d ago
I've been searching for something that will help me reconnect with my spiritual/mindful side. Thank you for explaining why intention is so important and how to get to that spot in your mind and heart. 😊
Allan 14d ago
Very welcoming and clear introduction
Aash 1mo ago
Very insightful!!
Abi 2mo ago
I have taken in person yoga classes before so I am not an absolute beginner but this was such an insightful explanation of how to set an intention. I had been guided to set one in class but never guided as to “how”. Thank you!
Veronica 5mo ago
This clarified so much for me! Thank you!

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