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Charly Caruso // ArnoltCharly Caruso // Arnolt

W2/D5 Full Body

5.0|30 min|4 comments
3 rounds Plank regular, left side, right side 30 sec each Walking lunges: 10 minutes ( can take breaks as needed) 3 rounds: Side lunges: 20 reps Wide arm push ups: 20 Kick backs: 20 reps each leg Diamond push up: 20 Lateral leg raises: 20 each side Handstand practice Core 3 rounds Sit-ups: 20 reps Penguins: 20 reps Flutter kicks: 20 reps (each leg) Plank, bring knee to elbow: 20 reps (10 each leg) Toe touches: 20 reps


Jordan 2y ago
Great! More ab workouts next time.
Stephanie 3y ago
I’ll felt the burn
Stephanie 3y ago
Steven 3y ago
Amazing workouts that are helping me through lockdown

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