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/Beginner Bodyweight

W3 / D4 Bodyweight beginner

4.8|60 min|3 comments
Power walk 20-60 min with 3x30 sprints included in walk


David 5mo ago
Getting stronger and faster!
Marcus 2y ago
So it snowed again here and got bad when I started my treadmill - I only got 16 min in, but I ran for 3-4 min and did a little over 200 calories then shovels snow - hopefully that worked for equally the time I didn’t do on the treadmill 😅
Marcus 2y ago
Did 60 min - every ten min I did a 30 min sprint - and the last ten min I did a 1 min 30 sprint. So much sweat lol. I’m gonna be sad when this course is over in two more days

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