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/Beginner Bodyweight

W1 / D1 Bodyweight beginner

4.7|30 min|439 comments


Julian 9d ago
Great for people who is just starting to exercise,
Benjamin 13d ago
It was great thank you!
Daniel 18d ago
Jumped right on the first video. My 4 stars isn’t much about the video itself as much as the functionality of the timer(s) and buttons. I couldn’t easily figure out how this is a 30 minute video when each clip says it’s 20 seconds long?. And the rest timer is 2 minutes of rest per 20 second workout? I wanted something to time those 20 seconds so I was using the top right timer as my timer to start between 20-30 seconds. But that timer always starts I. 2:00 minutes so I was manually getting it down to 20-30 seconds per short video. I feel dumb…
Zach 1mo ago
Great way to start the year
Layla 1mo ago
Great start. I haven’t been working out in months so this is a good way to get me back into the gym.

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