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Magnus LygdbackMagnus Lygdback

W2/D5 Cardio & upper body

4.8|45 min|81 comments
Same as last week, today is some conditioning and touch-up work. For the push-up circuit, max yourself out. Next week is similar to week 1, but we increase the rep count. Make sure to get some rest in the next day or two as... more


Carlos 25d ago
Wendlin 1mo ago
I would rather do 100 pushups than run for 20 minutes. Today, I got to do both. I misinterpreted the one arm ball presses and did hand-on-medicine ball pushups. So 64 of those, then my burnouts. Fun workout...
WonderWoman 1mo ago
Omg those pushups 🤪
JD 3mo ago
Very good end of the week work. Cardio and some good bodywork.
JD 4mo ago
Simple movements and workout. Felt like an active recovery workout more than anything.

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