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BTB workout 6- banded full body

4.9|35 min|92 comments
Full body workout at home. Can use dumbbells or bands!


Sam 16d ago
Great workout!! Worked muscles I haven’t in a while
Abigail 24d ago
This was a tough one, but we got it done!
Katie 1mo ago
Was only able to run through about half yesterday before my baby woke up so I redid the whole thing today. Loved it!
Sarah 2mo ago
That was a great workout Hannah!!! The sweat was real! 👏🔥
Ashley 2mo ago
This might have been the best one yet. 🔥 did a core rehab work first. Focused on engagement. Stopped if I lost it and just started the rep over. Didn’t give myself a hard time about it. 🙌🏼

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