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BTB Workout 12

4.9|40 min|54 comments
Two circuits. 5 rounds each Going to spike your heart rate & work muscle endurance ... more


Ashley 1mo ago
By round 3 in the first circuit my legs were feeling it! 🔥
Camille 3mo ago
Great workout to end “Back to Business”. I had Covid-19 last month and have been struggling with lingering fatigue, this was a great program to ease me back into working out again.
Jillian 5mo ago
I just completed my first program! I'm so proud of myself because I tend to get discouraged and stop when I don't see the scale moving. But overall I feel so much better and I have noticed a change in the way my clothes fit! I am so happy I joined and can't wait to start my next program! 🤍
Grace 6mo ago
So grateful for this course getting me back in to it after 2 babies in less than 2 years. Can’t wait to choose the next plan with you!
Amy 6mo ago
Thank you so so much for putting together this course! It was the perfect push I needed to get back to moving my body in challenging ways again. 💕

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