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BTB Workout 1- full body

4.9|30 min|332 comments
Welcome back! Today we are going to wake up the muscles and hit a few major muscle groups! Remember: there are 3 workouts you can do a week ( or more) you decide your pace getting back into it! This is why workouts are label... more


Alley 3d ago
Omg! I’m almost 2 years PP. I haven’t had a consistent workout routine in a very long time and found myself struggling to find something I like long enough to stick with it. This workout was so humbling. I love that I can actually see my trainer struggling too because I feel less alone.
mary 6d ago
This is the 3rd time I’ve done this workout, and it kicks my butt every time!
Cassandra 8d ago
Amazing! 1 year postpartum and dedicated to getting back to working out regularly. This workout was a great way to start and not feel defeated. Thank you!!
Jillian 1mo ago
Awesome first work out back PP. Challenging but something I could accomplish!
Jay 1mo ago
Im 5 week PP. Was in pretty good shape pre-pregnancy. Though I only gained 14 pounds during pregnancy, I lost a lot of muscle mass. I stopped working out as much the last 2 and half months… Now, I feel soft and don’t have the definition I had before. I was feeling a little down on myself. This workout shows me that I still have stamina and strength! I just need to wake up those muscles

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