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BTB workout 4- full body

5.0|35 min|108 comments
foundational core stability with with a bit of each muscle group!


Ashley 7d ago
Good way to get back at it! Been told to slowly roll and try a deeper core connection, so I sigh and say OK. My goal is lifelong athleticism anyways 😀
Sam 24d ago
Couldn’t finish because my son was really needy!
Katie 1mo ago
I had to pause midway to get my 7 week old back to sleep but finished the workout once I could!
Ann 2mo ago
Feeling great! LOVE all of the modification demos! Slow & steady wins the race.
Lauren 2mo ago
Trying my best to feel like myself again - 10 was pp with second kid. It’s hard but I’m sure it will come eventually. This is definitely a push in the Right direction.

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