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BTB Workout 5- legs

5.0|35 min|117 comments
MIIT leg circuit! Not quite ready for HIIT so we are doing a medium intensity interval circuit! I won’t start doing more intense plyos or jumping until about 10-12 weeks postpartum! The pelvic floor needs to heal even though... more


Arpita 2d ago
It killed me…. So good
Colleen 1mo ago
Was able to get this in during my baby’s nap!
Nikyla 1mo ago
Those mod sit ups get much harder with a 3month old than 1month hah 😅
Kayla 1mo ago
Another great quick workout! Added weights to make it more challenge and got it up and done before having to bring to school! Win again!😊
Jillian 3mo ago
South Carolina humidity adds it’s own degree of difficulty… I’m not prepared for my stairs 😅

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