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BTB Workout 5- legs

5.0|35 min|110 comments
MIIT leg circuit! Not quite ready for HIIT so we are doing a medium intensity interval circuit! I won’t start doing more intense plyos or jumping until about 10-12 weeks postpartum! The pelvic floor needs to heal even though... more


Ashley 12d ago
This was lovely.
Ann 23d ago
So sweaty!! Great explanations with each movement!
Sarah 1mo ago
That was a good burn! I know my legs are going to feel it tomorrow 🔥🔥🔥
Maggie 1mo ago
Holy I’m going to be feeling this in a few days, but that felt SO GOOD. Loving these workouts and love seeing how real you are with the babe and the pupper interrupting work outs. Really makes me feel better that this chaos right now is all normal ❤️
Kyla 2mo ago
I was sore for days after this circuit, and now I know to modify a bit more to keep working up to this level. I have realized how weak my body is, but focusing on getting stronger each day. I love that I can do these at home!

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