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2.5 weeks PP rehab

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Inner core work postpartum. If you cone, modify by lessening the intensity, keeping feet on ground rather than lifting or skipping the exercise and doubling up on one you can do!


Camille 4mo ago
I’m not postpartum, I’m fact I’ve never had a baby but I definitely have pelvic floor dysfunction and I’m slowly learning how to engage my core/pelvic floor.
Ludim 6mo ago
So excited to start feeling stronger 💪 with these movements.
Lauren 9mo ago
Thanks for creating a spot to start working on core postnatal! That was such a worry of mine starting to soon with my son, now post with my daughter i want to do things the right way.
Mariana 1y ago
This is perfect PP. It was quite humbling how hard this was but it felt so good to do something for myself. I also love how convenient it was to have this on the app & get this done quick while my little one napped.
Ashley 1y ago
My youngest actually turns 3 this month but I know my core needs work. I love these educational/basic intentional moves to build on! I’m really trying to work on keeping core engaged correctly through moves/breathing.

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