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First 2 weeks PP Recap!

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Sharing what I’ve been doing these first 2 weeks postpartum! Healing is for everyone at anytime! Healing DR is multifaceted but it starts with reconnecting to the inner core, strengthening the transverse abdominus and then s... more


Emily 1d ago
Looking forward to start implementing this today and going forward.
Ashley 3mo ago
Two weeks Postpartum with baby number 3. Stopped working out during pregnancy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So happy to have this resource this time around and to start healing my pelvic floor/core. This baby and last baby, I had no control with my pelvic floor and literally peed myself because I couldn’t hold it.
Grace 7mo ago
I just started this program 9.5weeks postpartum with my 2nd baby and super excited to be learning from Hannah! I have followed her social media accounts since I had my first baby 2 years and am so inspired by her fitness knowledge but down to earth lifestyle.
Rachel 7mo ago
Kinda random but did you ever get stretch marks? I didn’t with my first but just did the last month with my second. My first is 1 1/2 and my second is 3 weeks old. Maybe it’s because I had her in winter and forgot to put lotion on at one point for awhile towards the end and we also have pretty hard water. Do you have any things you recommend?
LeAnne 7mo ago
Can you provide definitions with the acronyms like DR and TBA? If it’s already provided somewhere, I missed it!

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