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5.5 weeks PP core rehab

4.9|20 min|11 comments
You guys have gotten the point thus far. Continuing to progress my core through similar exercises that are higher in IAP! I modify as soon as I feel coning or pressure against my hand!


Eri 1mo ago
Great progressions!
Sarah 2mo ago
My favorite core workout right now! Just the perfect amount of challenge I need and I can make it slightly more intense with the progressions and more reps if I wanted to! 😄
Gladis 4mo ago
Recently started PT for the clicking sound on my knees and was told not to do squats/jumps… so I’ve been trying to do low impact workouts. I am also 2yr post-partum and still look 7mo pregnant 😩😩 I need to work on my core/pelvic floor. What would be the best workout program from your list? 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Courtney 9mo ago
Loved it!! I am trying to heal my DR, can you tell me how long I need to do these exercises to see a change in my two finger gap?! Feeling hopeless
Megan 1y ago
Great! 8 months po and just did and it felt great to feel my abs engaging!

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