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3 weeks PP- core rehab

4.9|10 min|8 comments
It’s much of the same exercises I was doing week 1&2 but intensifying the engagement and slowly progressing the exercises to see how my body handles it. I tried progressing from dead bug pushes into alternating dead bugs an... more


Alex 1y ago
Great progressive advice as I gain confidence post partum, thanks Hannah
Diamond 1y ago
I am almost 6 weeks postpartum and man those planks and half planks really showed me where I am! But nice 10 min rehab!
Anika 1y ago
Too fast
Alex 1y ago
I liked the voice over explanations
Katie 2y ago
I could really feel my core engagement at a deeper level, where I haven't felt the muscles work before. Thanks for the postpartum care! I would love to see plenty of exercises for pelvic floor rehab! Thanks

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