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Hannah BowerHannah Bower

Week 4 Rehab

5.0|15 min|11 comments
Much or less the same exercises just building upon the movement to make them more challenging. This is how we continue to create healing and strength.... more


Sabrina 2mo ago
4 weeks PP and these feel amazing! Thank you for putting these workouts together to help mamas recover ❤️
Keri 3mo ago
I’ve been slacking with working on my core - I’m 19 months postpartum. I’m getting more intentional with it. Thank you Hannah for these exercises! It has been helping me a lot.
Diamond 1y ago
Out of breath lol
Angela 1y ago
It feels good to start getting a little more control over my core. Thank you
Juno 1y ago
Loved being able to hear your breathing! Helped me keep everything tights and focus on breathing!!

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