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Follow my workouts
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About me

Fitness and Health Teacher 🍎

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Hello! My name is Serena Thalia. I’ve been involved in sports and fitness my whole life. I played three sports in high school and went on to play Lacrosse during my four years in college. Because of this, I have always been immersed in the fitness and health world. I learned how to properly train my body and was given insight into many awesome techniques through my coaches and trainers. Additionally, I have a Health and Physical Education degree. Through my education I learned an abundance of information on the physical body and muscular anatomy, as well as proper nutrition to support an active, healthy lifestyle. My passion is to help others feel good about themselves and their bodies without completely changing their daily routines. My mantra is “everything in moderation”. I believe in working hard and eating healthy but I also believe in cheat days, not limiting myself too strictly and giving myself rest and recovery time. These are vital to your health and mental wellbeing. I will be sharing all of my workouts as well as the foods I eat, the supplements I take, the workout clothes I wear, the gear I use and more. Beyond the technicalities, I want to help you in all aspects of your life. I truly feel that when we take care of ourselves, our whole world falls into a happy, energized rhythm. On this channel you will find positivity, love, hard work and support. I will be with you every step of the way to help with modifications and to answer any questions you may have! I can’t wait for you to get started ❤️


My goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. When you take care of yourself first, everything else falls into place. Self love, confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is the purpose of my playbook! ❤️

Training Requirements

My workouts will be mostly at home! Most of them require just your body, however my Booty Burn workouts require booty bands and 5-20 lb weights. I will link this equipment so you can easily find where to get them!


-Bachelors degree in health and fitness education. -Personal trainer. -Health and physical education teacher.

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