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Week 4 Day 4 REST DAY or complete a cardio circuit.

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Rest days are vitally important in training. They give your body time to repair itself before you get back at it again. For the most part, barring any unforeseen accidents, the more regularly you let yourself have good quality rest days, the better your training, performance, and results. When it’s time to rest and recover, should you jump on the couch, order UberEATS, and plan to play PS5 all day? Not at all. While a little bit of time on the couch is okay, taking a walk, doing household chores, and keeping yourself moving in a low-intensity, low-impact way is better for your recovery. Here are some examples of active recovery: Brisk walk Low intensity cycling One of my cardio circuits Recreational (low intensity) sports Hiking Active stretching (e.g., yoga) Household chores


Josie 2y ago
Great workout 💪🏽

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