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Week 4 Day 1 (GYM) LOWER BODY

4.8|55 min|11 comments
Week 4 Day 1 ! Today you will warm up with a 10 minute cardio session. I have you doing an incline walk on the treadmill but you can do any cardio of choice ! Lets Go !!!!


Brittany 4mo ago
Great for a first day!
Tekesia 7mo ago
I feel so good. Let’s goooo
Farah 1y ago
It was great! The decline lunges were hard for me because the arches in my feet. I loved the challenge and it felt like hiit/interval training in the beginning. Having the 10 min of cardio in the beginning really helped to jump start the sweat for sure.
Yasmeen 2y ago
Just finished! My ass and legs are nonexistent right now! Such a great workout
Amber 2y ago
I’m fucking dead lol

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