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/Block 2 - 4 Weeks

Monday - Unilateral Strength & Core

5.0|50 min|6 comments
Start Mondays STRONG! This day starts with a nice mobile warm up that goes into banded activation. Complete 3 supersets (lower, upper, lower) & finish with 3 rounds of core 😊 You’ll need a small band, dumbbells, & access to a bench or box if possible!


Rebekah 9d ago
Sandra 12d ago
Amazing! Targets exactly ALL the muscles I need for skating - and as an adult figure skater who started at 28 y.o. I knew I needed to work on them I just never knew how! Thank you!
Claire 1mo ago
My legs and core are so done after this workout but in the best way!
Lilah 2mo ago
Tough workout but really beneficial
Mackenzie 2mo ago
Killer workout and so effective! I can tell I’m going to be sore from this 🥵💦

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