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Friday - Plyometrics & Rotational Work

5.0|60 min|3 comments
Today is HARD! Start with a very active warmup Move to a conditioning circuit (you’ll need a box) & then work on power & Plyo one exercise at a time. Please be mindful of your body and change rep counts as necessary! We all have different needs and it is incredibly important to remember that! Please pick a video in my movement of the week to cool down 😁


Claire 21d ago
This was so hard but so good! I was in a rush today so I really had to challenge myself to shorter breaks and it felt good to push myself a little more than usual!
John 2mo ago
Favourite workout of the week .. I still can’t jump 360deg though 🧐
John 2mo ago
Love this, but it’s “hard”. Cardio meets coordination. I started to drop reps and a couple of sets as my form broke down. Looking forward to seeing the improvements this month. AND I really feel this is going to help my on ice form

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