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Day 5 Jump Day - P2

5.0|60 min|4 comments
Watch the jump session Demo Video if you haven’t already. After your workout, let me know how it went and if you have any feedback! ... more


Luis 2mo ago
I see improvements
Denis 9mo ago
Hit a lot of lob 1 handers, 1h off the backboard(new dunk), 1 h self lob (new dunk), 1 h off the dribble (new dunk) and almost hit 360 1 h and cuff windmill in one session on 9'9. 9'9 never felt so easy)
MajinSK 9mo ago
I’m finding out the I jump higher off of two feet going left foot then right foot. My right right left is able 4-6 centimeters less.
AJ 1y ago
Feeling pretty good. Practiced low rimming and technique and trying to get my bounce back since it’s warming up.

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