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/Min Equipment Program

W2/D6 Stretch + run

4.9|45 min|5 comments
1 min each stretch Run 3 miles


Jasmine 1y ago
(Actually did it yesterday) I’ve been hospitalised for a minor internal bleeding last month and I haven’t been able to run for more than 3km after that. Ever since I tried to go for a 5k and failed (about 2 weeks and a half after the hospital), I’ve been really bummed about my recovery and I convinced myself I wouldn’t be able to run past 3k for a long time. So yesterday, I had a change of mindset: I was going for a 5k and not only did I get it, but I also did 6k and I was SO good, not even hard at all! 💪🏽
Jaren 2y ago
I got lazy during the challenge, but I’m not gonna stop! Imma finish this challenge for myself.
Declin 2y ago
Runs gotten a lot easier. I’m not thinking about how far I have left. Also there is a stretch that says 1 rep when I think it’s supposed to say 1 min
Nour 2y ago
Getting better at runnning
Marc 2y ago
Finished it this morning but forgot to log it 😎 already noticing some physical improvements and my body fat is down 2%!

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