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Devon LevesqueDevon Levesque
/Min Equipment Program

W1/D2 Lower focus

4.8|45 min|45 comments
4 way Scap 1 x 10 Lunge Series 1 x 8 Run Backwards 1 x 100 yards... more


Samuel 6mo ago
Very good feeling. However, I was expecting a training really without equipment, but it does not matter, I was able to adapt my exercises.
Braden 9mo ago
Wrecking my stabilizing muscles and building from a relaxed position to fulfilling the full range of motion. Awesome stuff.
Pablo 10mo ago
This workout pushed me to the limit
Maria 1y ago
LOL. This sucked in the best way possible. 😮‍💨
Malin 2y ago
Some exercises like the last ones is to advanced for my level, maybe throw in some alternative exercises.

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